Melco Model and License Matrix

Newer Melco models come with a Melco Lite license, older models come with a Lite license, both can be upgraded to a Melco license

Melco Model Lite Melco Lite
N1 EX - Yes
N10 - Yes
N100 - Yes
N1 Mk1 Yes -
N1 Mk2 Yes -

Lite license only provides manual editing, Melco Lite gives automatic editing via a limited set of profiles, Melco license gives full features

Feature Set Lite Melco Lite Melco
Status Report Yes Yes Yes
Manual Metadata Edit Yes Yes Yes
Fix Songs Preview Only Limited Yes
Add Cover Art - Yes Yes
Add Artist artwork - - Yes
Parse Naim Rips Metadata files - - Yes
Add Acoustic Metadata - - Yes, Bpm, Key, Mood and others
Delete Duplicates Preview Only Preview Only Yes
Create and Modify Profiles - - Yes
Rename files based on metadata - - Yes
Full Install on Two Computers - - Yes
Performance Preview Only Unlimited Lookups Unlimited Lookups at twice the rate