SongKong is now available for all Melco models, both the new EX series and the existing N10, N100, N1 Mk1 and Mk2 models

The N1 models provide the Lite license, this allows manual editing and automatic matching can be run in preview mode

The EX series provides a Melco Lite license that additionally allows songs to be matched but only using predefined profiles with fixed options.

Existing N10 and N100 models can be updated to EX via the latest firmware update

To get the full functionality of SongKong a Melco license is required, this is valid for all Melco models

Full model and licensing matrix can be found here

By purchasing a Melco license for SongKong you get:

At any time after a year you can continue to use your existing version of SongKong at no cost or for a small fee purchase another year of free version upgrades. If free version upgrades has already expired the year period starts from the day you purchase the version upgrades package, if it has not expired then it will begin once the current free version period has expired.

License Type Price Purchase
Melco £50 ($65 USD) Add to Cart
One year of Version Updates £10 ($13 USD)
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The total price for licensing is shown above, there are no other additional taxes.