Consistent Rules

SongKong makes it easier to setup consistent rules for your music collection.

You can configure any configuration of preferences and save it as a Profile so that you can reuse the set of preferences

Because there is no limit on how many songs can be processed by SongKong it is easy to apply a profile to your whole music collection

For example consistent formatting rules could be setting a minimum or maximum size for artwork, or including the album type (e.g Single/E.P) in the album name.

Consistent Artists

Artists are not always attributed the same on every album. There can be minor differences in names, such as initials, spelling errors, artists deliberately using different name e.g Prince, O(+>, Formerly Known As and different languages used e.g. Пётр Ильич Чайковский / Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Tools that lookup CD do independently of any other CD by same artist, so no consistency. With manual editing it is easy to make mistakes and introduce inconsistencies

But with SongKong we understands Artists as entities ( we store an MusicBrainz Artist Id we know who they are) and because all artists in MusicBrainz have a primary name we can optionally use consistent name for all their albums

If their main name is not in Roman script (eg Пётр Ильич Чайковский) we can optionally use their Roman/English version of name

Sort Artists

Again, because each artist is an entity in MusicBrainz, and each entity has a Sort Name we can add a sort name for all artists. So you can display as Kate Bush, but sort as Bush, Kate

This is a much better solution than trying to automatically derive sort name from name because this does not work consistently e.g Josquin des Prez

We have sort fields for all people/group fields including Artist, Album artist, Composer, Conductor, Orchestra, Choir, Performer, Arranger and Lyricist

Multiple copies of the same albums

If using automatic matching can end up with multiple files with identical metadata because you have Hi-Res and non Hi-Res versions of same album or Lossless and Lossy version of same album for portable devices, or Singles and Albums with the same name, this causes issue when browsing and searching.

SongKong can differentiate between Singles and Albums by adding (Single) to name. It can auto identify hi-res (24bit) albums add add [HD] to album name, it can add audio format to album name e.g (flac) and include/exclude disc sub titles from albums.