Welcome to the website of JThink Ltd. JThink is the home of Indie Developer Paul Taylor and is based in the United Kingdom.

JThink is an indie development company, unlike conventional software companies there is not a large development team and additional layers of management. The designer is the implementor so there are no messy compromises in the design and we are able to be highly responsive to the specific needs of customers, and adapt products to a customers specific requirements.

Our speciality is Music Metadata management, currently there are two Music Taggers available, a Music Metadata Service and an open source metadata tagging library.

Jaikoz is a comprehensive Music Tagger, allowing you to properly identify your music. Jaikoz provides automatic identification and fixing of your metadata including cover art using MusicBrainz, Acoustid and Discogs, plus super powerful manual editing of your metadata, at all times Jaikoz gives you complete control over what changes are made and all the popular audio formats are supported, including Mp3, Mp4, Flac, Wma, Wav, Aif and Dsf. It is suitable for both customers organising their music collections and independent artists/performers wishing to make their recordings available online. If you want complete control over every aspect of your metadata this is the solution.

SongKong is a Music Tagger that aims to make fixing your Music metadata as easy as it possibly can be, with just one click your songs can be fixed. Like Jaikoz it uses MusicBrainz, Acoustid and Discogs for automatic matching. It stores all the changes in a personal database enabling you to undo any changes you do not like. If you want to get your songs fixed with the minimum of effort this is the tagger to buy.

Or, if you want super easy auto tagging for the bulk of your collection, but sometimes need finer control the two taggers work well together.

Both of these use the Albunack Music Server to provides results quicker then would be possible if using the offerings directly provided by MusicBrainz and Discogs themselves. The Albunack site also allows you to browse any artists release catalog and easily link MusicBrainz to Discogs releases and import Discogs releases directly into MusicBrainz.

Jaudiotagger is an multi format audio tag editing library, this library is used by Jaikoz, SongKong and many other projects.