Multi Computer License

Many of us these days have more then one computer, maybe a work laptop, a desktop and a computer connected directly to your TV. SongKong allows a single license to be installed on three computers so usually one license per household is all you need.

Multi Platform License

In the last few years many people have moved from Windows to OSX and find they need to re purchase all their software. This is not the case with SongKong you can use the same license on Windows, OSX or Linux, no problem.

Non Expiring Software

Some providers sell Software as a Service, this means you have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to continue using software you have already purchased. But Jthink software never expires and gives free support for life. Updates to the latest version are available for one year after purchase at no cost and after that there is a small upgrade fee to get another years updates. New versions of SongKong are always released at the same time for Linux, OSX and Windows.

Direct Developer Support

SongKong is provided with support direct from the developer, this means you are getting support from the person with the most SongKong expertise. As the developer I am very keen to make SongKong the best tagger available for all platforms, and therefore I actively encourage comments, bug reports and questions regarding SongKong.

Open Issue Tracker

SongKong uses the professional JIRA issue tracking for tracking issues that cannot be resolved within a day. To create an issue just login into JIRA Issue Tracker as user user with password user. Check your issue is not an existing one and if it is not not create a new issue, not forgetting to enter your forum username so that it is possible to contact you if more information is required.

Comprehensively Tested

SongKong has been tested with the following Operating Systems.

  • Mac OS X 10.8 - 10.13
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Linux Fedora 17 - 27
  • Linux Ubuntu 12 - 17

Active Community Forum

If you require assistance the Support Forums are the best place to look at first, we check this regularly and there are also experienced SongKong users who help out.

Email Support

Support problem should be posted on the forums but if you have a licensing or payment issue we can be contacted directly by email at