Rename File from Metadata


Jaikoz has fixed the song metadata but now the filename and directory structure no longer match with the metadata. Help is at hand with the Correct Metadata from Filenames task

Any metadata field can be part of the filename mask, so you can include the MusicBrainz Id or the bit rate as part of the filename not just the more common artist, title, album and track no fields.

Use Javascript Expressions

Any functions available in Javascript such as if else or substring can be used to control exactly how the filename is specified.

Other options allow any non-ascii characters to be replaced by their ascii equivalent and replace certain characters with another.

Compilation Mask

Its often useful to use a different naming mask for Compilation releases to original releases, a separate mask can be specified just for this.

Folder Mask

To make things manageable a mask is specified separately for the filename and the file directory structure.