Local Correct with AutoMatch and Auto Format


Consistency is very important in your Music Library and before Jaikoz even starts fixing songs from online databases it uses Local Correct to improve the consistency of your songs.

Jaikoz uses a special algorithm called AutoMatch to compare values in different songs that although slightly different actually mean the same thing, then all the values are automatically changed to the most popular value. For example misspellings such as:
  • Beatles
  • The Beatles
  • Beetles
can all get changed to the same value.


Jaikoz has an inbuilt capitalizer that can change text to

  • Sentence Case
  • Title Case
  • UpperCase
  • Lower case
You can also configure lists of words that should always be lowercase or UPPERCASE.

Additionally extraneous white space and unwanted punctuation characters can be removed.

Word Replacer

Word replacer can be used to enforce more uniformity, for example you might want ft to always be converted to featuring.

Year Options

Dates can be normalised to either year or date format.