Find and Replace

Jaikoz provides Find and Replace, because of the spreadsheet view that Jaikoz provides this makes it easy for you to make changes to your data very quickly. The Find dialog can be displayed for the current view by selecting from the popup menu, or using the shortcut key. From the dialog you can search through the fields in the chosen table searching for fields containing the value you enter. The Search can be forwards or backwards, it can be case sensitive, and it can wrap round once and continue searching from the start of the table once it has got to the end.

A match will be highlighted in yellow. You can highlight all matching fields using the Find All button. You can limit the search to only search a particular column by selecting it from the Column dropdown, Find All will now only match fields within that column

Find and Replace Screenshot

When using the Find Dialog for the edit view it offers you Replace and Replace All. Replace will search for the next match and replace it with the replace value. Replace All will starting from the first record replace all matching fields