Advanced Field Support

Within the Jaikoz Edit Panel all fields are created equal. If it is possible for the user to enter information the field is available. Some fields such as encryption fields are not suitable for allowing user editing but Jaikoz will list them in the 'Not Supported' list and you have the option to delete them.


Jaikoz has an innovative approach to complex fields such as multiple value or multiple attribute fields.

For example the Genre field is a multiple value field, a single MP3 can hold more than one genre. Usually you will only want one genre so the first genre is displayed in the cell together with a counter indicating how many genres there are for the cell.

As there is a list of Genres defined, if you start editing the cell it will display a combo box allowing you to select a value, but you are not restricted to only selecting values from the list. Picture is a multiple value, multiple attribute field. Jaikoz shows small thumbnails of all the images and a count of the number of images in an MP3 if there is one. This makes it easy to compare and sort your files


Comment is a multiple value field because there can be more than one comment and it is a multiple attribute field because each comment can consist of a short description and long description. But most of the time there will be only one or no comments for a particular MP3. So Jaikoz just shows the first comment short description in the spreadsheet together with a counter. If you want to view more comments or add extra comments you can click on the counter. But if you want to just change the existing comment or add the first comment you can type in the description directly into the speadsheet cell and Jaikoz will add default values for the other attributes.

You can specify which fields to display from the Table Settings screen and the order they should be displayed in, as you can see there are plenty to choose from.

ID3 Display Fields Screenshot