Genre Support

Setting genres is difficult because there is no definitive right answer. The Jaikoz solution is to give you control to use genres so that they work for you.

A Genre Blacklist defines genres that Jaikoz will ignore, you can add not only words to ignores but wildcard matches as well. Genres can be sourced from both MusicBrainz and Discogs.

Genres and Styles from Discogs

Discogs releases can have a Genre and a Style. The genre is a very general category such as Electronic or Rock. These genres are then further broken down by style. Style is basically the same as a sub-genre and can be much more specific.

In Jaikoz you can specify to use the Discogs Genres, Styles or both and you can use them not only for the Genre field but also the Grouping field.

Folksonomy Tags from MusicBrainz

MusicBrainz Genres (known as Folksonomy Tags in MusicBrainz) are less rigid than Discogs, but genres can be applied at Artist, Release and Track level. In Jaikoz you can specify at what level to apply the genres, and they can be used for both the Genre and Grouping fields.