Delete Duplicates

You have a sprawling music collection that you are now trying to organise, you used Jaikoz to fix your songs but now find you seem to have the same song multiple times. As music collections grow so do the duplicate tracks: original albums, soundtracks, compilations, mixes and bootlegs all add to the clutter. These are easy to remove with the Jaikoz Delete Duplicates task, this trawls through your songs and finds duplicates, then for each group of duplicates all but one copy of the duplicate are deleted (or moved).

What is a Duplicate?

By default Jaikoz identifies songs as duplicates using the strictest criteria, duplicates must have the same

  • Acoustic Id
  • MusicBrainz Recording Id
  • MusicBrainz Release Id
but you can disable any of these criteria.

For example you may want to identify songs that are sonically identical but exist on different albums or songs that sonically vary (perhaps because of the digitising process) but still match to the same MusicBrainz Recording and Release.

Complete Control

Instead of getting Jaikoz to identify duplicates and then marking the lowest quality for deletion you can use Jaikoz filters to show the duplicates and then decide on the ones you want to delete.

Move Duplicates

Instead of getting Jaikoz to delete duplicates when changes are saved Jaikoz can be configured to move them to a Duplicates Folder for further investigation.